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Erste Hilfe am Hund

First aid on the dog


Knowing what to do in the event of an accident or a bite can save your dog's life. In order to learn the correct steps, we offer you under the guidance of  Dr. med. vet. Maja Meyer-Rühling,  Veterinarian practice an den Poller Wiesen ” regularly offers courses on all aspects of first aid.

Depending on the seasons, additional topics such as B.  in the winter  the paw care (road salt) or hypothermia of the dog, or

Overheating or wasp sting treated in summer. In order to practice,

how a good bandage is attached, bring you gladly

Use your dog as a "guinea pig".

This very interesting and important one

Lecture includes the following topics:


  • The twisting of the stomach - recognize and act

  • Resuscitation - ventilation and cardiac pressure massage

  • The unconsciousness in the dog

  • The pitfalls of summer - the heat stroke

  • Warning winter - hypothermia

  • The shock

  • Insect bites

  • Poisoning - What Now?

  • The bite injury and  the right association

  • as well as injuries

    • on the eye

    • the  Ears

    • the oral cavity

    • to the  Paws



The  seminar  take  approx. 2 1/2 hours, the number of participants

is  on 12  People limited.  



Next appointment:


Date:   nnb

Length of time:  14:00 - approx. 16:30  Clock 

Costs:  30 € per dog-human team (the price includes coffee, water, cake)




Please send inquiries using our contact form

under " Contact ".



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