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with and from Sami El Ayachi.

What is that? What is it for?

Sami El Ayachi explains it this way:


The terms closeness through distance or distance creates closeness are mentioned again and again in connection with lunging with a dog. The fact is, however, that a bond between humans and dogs must be achieved at close range so that this bond can also persist at a distance. The reliability and commitment of communication at close range is therefore a basic requirement for freedom even at a distance. Lunging with a dog in body language is a unique opportunity to establish, improve and strengthen the communication and bond between dog and human.

In the lunging courses and workshops, people learn, among other things:

  • to move one's body more consciously,

  • understand the effect of his body language on the dog,

  • to use his body language to communicate with the dog,

  • to use his eyes correctly,

  • to specify walking directions via glances,

  • improve communication and bond with the dog,

  • guide your dog through human body language,

  • to set boundaries and taboo zones for the dog and

  • recognize, understand and use the dog's body language.

In the lunging courses and workshops, the dog learns, among other things:

  • to understand people and their body language,

  • to pay attention to people and their body language,

  • to trust people

  • to allow the bond with people,

  • to be guided by people and

  • Accept boundaries and taboo areas.

In body language lunging with a dog, the focus of the training is initially on the posture / body language and timing of the person. The entire lunging training takes place without motivational aids, food, etc. The only motivation for the dog is the clearly acting person!


Next meetings:

Date: 08/28 & 29.08.2021  (unfortunately fully booked, passive participation is possible)


"Body language lunging for dog owners" 

Costs: € 240 per dog-human team  


      190 € for passive participants  


Are you interested?

Write to us under " Contacts "!

Seminar Longieren Rheingassi
Rheingassi Seminar körpersprachliches longieren
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