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“A home without a dog is just four walls” - I was born with this saying, and so dogs have been with me all my life. Even in my work as a production manager for film and television, I stayed true to this motto through programs like “Wild Children's Room”, “People, Animals & Doctors” and “Animals are looking for a home”.

But after 20 years of media work, it was time for a change. So I decided to turn my hobby into a profession and have been attending seminars regularly since 2012 (Dr. Udo Gansloßer, Elke Deistung, Wilfried Theißen, ..) and I educate myself with Sami El Ayachi in training and further events with a focus on "body language Lungeing with a dog ”.

During my stay at the Rhein-Sieg dog school, I led my own lunging group, looked after play and puppy groups and assisted in sports and training units. Then my way led me to a day care center for small dogs. In 2015 I attended the specialist course "DOG KEEPING with examination according to § 11 TierSchG" at the "Kölner Hundeakademie" and successfully passed the examination.  


My name is Oliver Heermann, also known as Böckelühr - my dogs are Ava and Finn.


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