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Meinen Hund neu kennen lernen 

Ein Seminar der etwas anderen Art

Get to know my dog again - 

A seminar of a different kind!

This seminar aims to look at your dog from a different perspective and to sensitize people to the behavior of their dog.

Which external stimuli are interesting for my dog and how does he react to them?
Do we know our dog's body language and can we always say what he's being distracted by?
How do we react when our dog is distracted and how do I rate my dog's behavior?

How do I, as the owner, react under stress and why does my dog notice this?
Why do we use “punishments” when our dog wants to be a dog?

Can we also judge the behavior of our dog when normal senses such as hearing and sight are not available to us?
Are we ready to concentrate on our dog in such a way that we can feel it even though we are not touching it?

The communication between dog and owner is often very contradictory and only rarely understandable for our dog.
The dog often lives in a world full of misunderstandings, conflicts and unconscious affirmations.

It is often very difficult for him to orientate himself to his owner and the bond with one another often leaves a lot to be desired outside of his home environment.
We'll work out the opportunity to spend a day
  for a long time only to let our dog know. To watch it, to sense it, to feel it.

On this day, the participants learn exercises, for example for orientation on the holder, which, for example, make a walk a little more relaxed.
He learns to pay more attention to the little things in his own body language and those of his dog.
The participants experience emotional moments between dog and owner, which put the dog in a whole new light and improve and strengthen the relationship between man and dog.

An entertaining day with surprising results and experiences between humans and dogs, which show us alternatives, to see our dog with different eyes and to get to know it again.

The seminar consists of several practical training units as well as theoretical explanations and debriefings.

Seminar leader:
  Wilfried Theißen



Next meetings:   09/06/2020

Length of time:  9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We'll meet at 09:00 / 09:15  Clock so that there is still time for a coffee before the start of the course.

Number of participants: 8 - 10 dog & owner teams  

Cost: € 119 per dog-keeping team  (drinks are included in the price)




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