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The way to a binding recall.

The way to a binding recall! The supreme discipline ?!
He / she should only come when I call him / her!  
Exactly, he / she should only come when she / he is called. But why do many dogs only get the second or third call ...
... or only if the distraction is manageable. These and other questions are the content of the workshop.  
In short:
Whether the binding recall is really the supreme discipline and which training steps are necessary to ensure the recall is to be examined and worked out in this workshop. All participating human-dog teams will of course be picked up where they are.
A basic orientation of the dog to humans would certainly be helpful, but not a "must" for participation.  
Participation in the “Smalltalker” workshop can therefore often be a good basis for this workshop.



07/17 & 18.07.2021   (unfortunately fully booked, passive participation is possible)

Time: approx. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each time    

Costs: € 240 per dog-human team

Drinks are included in the price.  

To book, please use our contact form: .

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